What meditation really is – Sogyal Rinpoche

Sogyal Rinpoche explains that there is much more to meditation than saying mantras and burning incense. Find out more – www.rigpa.org


  1. qwerbugga15 says:

    Just by looking him and listening to the way he talks I can tell his in a truly remarkable state of peace that I wish I could just get a fraction of. Great Video I`m learning how to meditate because I`ve just been so stressed lately and Im getting a receding hairline and Im only 17!!! but life is full of great things and I cant wait to see what it has to offer for me.

  2. drillococco01 says:

    I noticed they can laugh like babies… and it’s so beautiful.

  3. TooLF8th says:

    lovely chap =)

  4. tubby6411 says:

    i read his book of living and dying – awesome.

  5. arunachalesha says:

    Thanks a lot.

  6. gallpop says:

    His light shines brightly.

  7. jw22345 says:

    Namaste Sogyal
    Although I am directing this at one being I really am directing it at all consciousness, all being, for the light that exists in Sogyal exists in all of creation.

    May you countless souls realize your inner divinity… Remember that you ARE God, you ARE the universe; you are all that is, all that has been, and all that ever will be.
    Once again, Namaste

  8. PlanetarPL says:

    He is ONE with a Budda :) And thouse who understand this teachings can cleary see this.

  9. MrChemanfu says:

    he was educated in Cambridge, and has talent

  10. Toujimbwa says:

    He is the buddhist that have spoken in my kind of words so that i could understand and get my questions answered ^^

  11. Topgeneral3070 says:

    this is great thanks

  12. trolltrolltrollify says:

    uncloaked/ dusty road made clear

  13. muaytb1 says:

    fat monk

  14. gwhtf4 says:


  15. gwhtf4 says:


  16. wildean2008 says:

    Is there really a there?

  17. AzulTruenoForever says:

    He’s my favorite teacher, I’ve watched the vids??? gosh maybe over 100 times. His ability to express the teachings is pure. I think I relate to him so well because I’m a fat, lazy, overindulgent, womanizer also… Thank You for healing me Sogyal & helping me realize my true nature… (I’m serious) Read his book ten times (I did)… it really works, no joke

  18. BaileyLush says:

    @gloriousbattle I lol’d:D Why not learn? It’s never 2 late.

  19. 0synesthete0 says:

    Sorry, I couldn’t get the point of your comment.

  20. NotQuiteLucid says:


    Why yes it is, haha!

  21. kennethh70 says:

    all our love from galway sanga

  22. livenowdoing says:

    There is an alternative to meditation that will free you from the thinking that won’t meditate as well as the anger and bitterness. First, it requires centering yourself in awareness (using non-meditation tools) and then actively deprogramming the thinking’s thought patterns. The thinking learns to follow you through life instead of the other way around.

  23. aminjani says:

    i teach energy cultivation

  24. capricious71 says:

    I like this guy’s style. He’s a very down to earth and not talking in riddles.

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