Chakra Meditation

Found a quick 9 Minute meditation visualizing the colours of the chakras. Thought I would post it here and see what you all think.


  1. infinitty88 says:

    verry nice il do this too hope il done well

  2. fawks0512 says:

    damn, I just did it for one time and I immediately felt the effect!

  3. naruto19216802 says:

    is it true what that lady says? do you feel all of them chakras and effects?

  4. herrahuh says:

    I’ve been looking for whole chakra meditation for couple of days and this is the best one I came up so far. Thanks!

  5. roberts29625 says:

    i like turtles………and yes very relaxing

  6. cofusion7 says:

    beautiful voice

  7. TheKyuubiChakra says:

    very soothing voice ^^

  8. zapxlib says:

    The voice is very soothing and the commentary is very transformational!. :)

  9. Qazar01 says:

    is this real and true or only crap ??? i tried but after 5 min i felt like an idiot !!!!!!

  10. faithoffaith says:

    @ReikiRachael Oh, it’s ok dont worry I understandx

  11. ReikiRachael says:

    hi, sorry i havent added more, i have a small baby and my hands are full!! i have 1 some on my website

  12. faithoffaith says:

    I could do this meditation all day her voice is so relaxing and soothing I wish you’d post more meditation which that lovely voice you havex

  13. cheesyrichardhead says:

    if you want to know about the chakras i recommend samael aun weor

  14. jduran9123 says:

    red energy root, orange energy sacral, yellow energy solar plexus (power chakra), green energy heart, blue energy throat (purification), royal blue energy inner eye (third eye), violet energy crown

  15. IsisofSophia says:


  16. sandiibloom says:

    Thank you:)

  17. bete22izzy says:

    2nd chacra, the hara, spleen chacra or Svadistana.

  18. chandrikaji says:

    or swadhistana actually – sorry

  19. chandrikaji says:


  20. sweetstranger1 says:

    wats the orange chakra called?

  21. ha1lenk1 says:

    vibrations are way, way more effective in empowering your chakras than just visualization. but because i dont want to go into too much detail about the vibrations necessary, let me just tell you that spinning your chakras, like a mini tornado along with the colour of the chakra is very effective.

  22. MicSwab says:

    thank you for this video!

  23. lamin14 says:

    has any1 ever tried Vipassana meditation

  24. happieherbie says:

    Quite enjoyed this meditation. Perfect length. Great way to get day started!
    I found the colors & explaination of each chakra very helpful.

  25. CherryPie897 says:

    I use this video every day to meditate. I love your voice! Thank you.

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