Chakra Meditation Balancing & Healing

Chakra Balance presents a complete chakra balancing & healing session. Working from the base chakra up to the crown chakra using unique sounds and colors. You are left feeling totally refreshed and energized! Get the extended version of this featured meditation video and 29 free chakra balancing and healing mp3 audios from this site.

I thought you all might be interested in checking this video out.


  1. Henry1939 says:

    this is a very well developed video … I rate it 10 out of 10 for healing and balancing.. One needs not to look for any other vid also I suggest this video played everyday though I burn sage first .

  2. NYCBoi4life says:

    When your chakra is balanced u will only see rainbows

  3. mytube92369 says:

    @lenerene yeah,I totally agree with u. Hopefully this industry will end soon and move forward with our lives into the next period of enlighment.

  4. mytube92369 says:

    @FOEVioL8oR In our schools it’s not given powerful information,our children are not taught practical ideas at all,like;relationships,meditation,practical work,much more lab hours than so much theory,etc
    Our children are geniuses and they are kept at kindergarden level until 12 th grade or later

  5. mytube92369 says:

    @Tressco This is a wonderful idea but in our context it’s probably illegal,:)
    since when our governments gave us tools to function to the full power or awake in any way?

  6. wldnguy says:

    This video is available on podcast 4 i-phone! Love it!

  7. plinger4525 says:

    this is wonderfull

  8. wickedro22 says:


  9. lioness50 says:

    this is wonderful! it helped me…thanks

    … … respect

  10. 2Maitreya says:

    What “band” is playing the music in the beginning of this meditation? Where can i buy this music?

  11. lenerene says:


    No, they can’t teach you this because the entertainment industry and product industries would become less needed and they’d lose lots of money. They don’t want you to be secure, confident, why do you think they sell so many products that are supposed to make you feel good about yourself or that you supposedly need to be a some body in life?

    This stuff puts you into power of your own life, you don’t need to rely on others, buy happiness, etc etc. They’d never teach it.

  12. lorusanto says:

    @mikeyd200285 They call it guided meditation. I know what you mean – a distracting voice and all. But one way to meditate would be to focus on just their voice and when you have memorized the routine, do it without the recording.

  13. chrislukebt says:

    i feel numb

  14. af9125nna says:

    @FOEVioL8oR the world would be a better place if they teach it in school

  15. coast2k8 says:

    I have created a video art piece paying homage to the practice and teachings of Chakra. Check it out at //////.MelvinCBenson.C0M/Productions/Pages/Chakra.html (I had to use other characters youtube doesn’t allow links) and support me at @MelvinCBenson. Thank you.

  16. UniversEEEEE says:

    yes this should be the real “education” but this will not be taught in schools unless we change ourselves = change the world…in a spiritually advanced civilization this would be normal and regular, but for the brainwashed and primitive civilization that we have here it’s not much heard of…we can strive for that though :)

  17. Henry1939 says:

    being an energy person this video is a 10 out of 10 ^5 peace

  18. psychiclana says:

    i can do a reading for you visit my site

  19. captainzerb says:

    @Tressco Good idea but I reckon first graders are too stupid for it to work. they need to be older.

  20. jenger1000 says:


  21. Gg says:

    Thank you, this is amazing, peaceful and beautiful , God bless you

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